It is an educational platform with an integrated digital curriculum designed for early childhood, which encourages the intentional use of technology in teaching-learning experiences. At the same time, it uses interactive resources to promote the active participation of children in the classroom. These motivating experiences prepare and encourage children to participate in innovative activities.

D-Genius involves the school community and the family as an essential part of the child's development. At the same time, it contemplates appropriate practices and the effective use of learning centers as an integral part of the teaching process. During classroom experiences, children are directed to investigate, create, discover, critically think, and solve problems, individually and collectively.
  • The D-Genius project has been an excellent work tool for our children [...]. The use of technology attracts children's attention, their participation in the learning process is greater and they find it fun[...] it provides all the necessary tools and resources for effective learning. Both the children and I are delighted with D-Genius. Thank you!
    - Maricely Ortiz
    Unlimited Learning Center


Emphasizes holistic development through enriching experiences that will be the foundation for your entire student life.

Promotes the intentional use of technology in early education.

Maximize the educational experience through other resources such as the electronic whiteboard and mobile devices.

It adapts to the effective strategies of learning centers to promote the comprehensive and balanced development of the child.

Develops critical thinking and encourages the search for solutions to problems.

Establish a connection with the real world, and encourages active, individual and group participation by the child.

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Carr. PR #1 Km. 24.2
Bo. Quebrada Arenas
Sector Buen Pastor
San Juan, PR 00926

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HC-1 Box 29030
PMB 641
Caguas PR 00725-8900

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Tel: 787-706-2700
Fax: 787-789-2018

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